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How to Choose Fresh Green Peas and Freeze Dried Peas



If you are fortunate enough to find a source of truly fresh green peas, select the plumpest, most vibrantly green pods available. Avoid any that appear in the least shriveled or yellowed, have spotted pods, or show any signs of mold. Never buy shelled peas. No matter how appealing they look, they will be less than sweet and are often tough little balls that will never tenderize satisfactorily. If garden-fresh English peas are not available, it is best to substitute freeze dried peas instead. These should simply be reheated after thawing, cooked only 1 to 2 minutes, or they will lose their fresh color, flavor, and crisp texture.

From 1 pound of peas in the pod you will get approximately 1 cup shelled peas. You will need 3 or more pounds for six servings. Snow peas and sugar snap peas should be as firm and crisp as possible. Look for the brightest green color with no splits, brown spots or signs of mold. Avoid any pods that are limp and tired looking. You can count on 1/4 pound snow or sugar snap peas per serving.

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