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How to Choose and Buy Fresh Mushrooms Vegetables



Mushrooms vegetables should be as fresh as possible. They are fragile and spoil quickly. Try to avoid any that are damp or even slightly slimy. Look for bright, even coloring, without any signs of mold or decay.

In fresh mushrooms with gills, the gills should be closed and the caps firm and crisp. Darkened mushrooms vegetables with open gills can be added to soups and stews where appearance is not primary, as long as the texture is not leathery, wet, or slippery.

If possible, buy mushrooms vegetables from a bulk container so that you can choose each one individually, eliminating any that are not in the best possible condition. If you must but mushrooms in pre-packed containers, choose the crispest looking available, and open them as soon as you get them home.

Fresh mushrooms vegetables shrink as much as 50 percent - or more - in volume when cooked, so take this into consideration when buying.

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