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How to Prepare Dried Mushrooms Vegetables



To re-hydrate dried mushrooms vegetables, place the desired amount of dried mushrooms (1 ounce dried will yield the equivalent 6 to 8 ounces of fresh, depending on the variety) in a medium-size heatproof bowl. Pour tepid to warm water over the mushrooms, remembering that they will expand considerably during re-hydrating process. Soak the mushrooms vegetables for 15 to 30 minutes, adding more water if necessary.

Drain the mushrooms well. Most re-hydrated mushrooms vegetables should be rinsed and then drained on paper or kitchen towels. If you would like to use water left over from soaking the mushrooms for a sauce, soup, or stew, take care to strain it through a very fine mesh strainer or several layers of cheese cloth to remove any gift or debris. This water can be extremely aromatic and will add a delicious flavor to finished dishes.

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