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How to Store and Prepare Fresh Mushrooms Vegetables

Storage and Preparation:


Fresh Mushrooms vegetables need to be prepared as soon as possible. If they re in prime condition when bought, they can generally be refrigerated two to three days longer. Be sure to pick them over well, opening plastic-wrapped containers and removing any mushrooms that are not in prime condition. If you are going to store mushrooms longer than 24 hours, it is wise to pick them over daily so that any that are spoiling do not infect those remaining in the bag.

Place the mushrooms vegetables in a paper or cloth bag and store in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. If they appear to be drying out, cover them with a lightly dampened - but not wet - paper or kitchen towel that should be changed daily.

Fresh Mushrooms vegetables are like sponges. If they are soaked in water for any length of time, they will absorb prodigious quantities, which they will subsequently give off when cooked, which can ruin a recipe. It is best in most cases to just lightly brush the caps or wipe them with a clean kitchen towel, removing any loose dirt; clean them just before cooking. Trim the stem ends - or discard the stems of shiitake mushrooms - and cut out any bad spots. The only mushrooms that should be well washed, in running water, are morels. The little crevices on their surface are favorite hiding places for little creatures that are best not eaten with the fungi.

Leave the fresh mushrooms vegetables whole or cut them into halves, slices, or chunks, depending on the recipe. Cook at once.

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