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Simple Greek-Style Marinated Mushrooms Cooking Recipes

Greek-Style Marinated Mushrooms

As a snack with wine in the company of friends, these are excellent. They will also complement any antipasto spread. Or make them a part of your next cold buffet with cold roast meats and a variety of cheese. If button mushrooms are not available, choose uniform-size mushrooms and cut them into quarters.

Makes 6 servings

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • 1 ½ pound white or brown button mushrooms, stems trimmed

  • 1/3 cup olive oil

  • 1/3 cup fresh lemon juice

  • ½ cup dry white wine

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 bouquet garni made of two 2-inch pieces celery, 4 parsley sprigs, and 1 bay leaf, tied with kitchen string

  • 2 cloves garlic, sliced

  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

  • 1 tablespoon tomato paste, regular or Italian style

  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

  1. Heat the olive oil in a large heavy saucepan over medium heat. Add the mushrooms and cook, stirring, until browned, about 5 minutes.

  2. Add all the remaining ingredients, except for the parsley.

  3. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. Remove the bouquet garni and cool the mushrooms. Chill, covered, for several hours.

  4. To serve this simple cooking recipes, bring to room temperature, and garnish with the parsley.


I like to increase the heat after 10 to 12 minutes and boil the sauce hard for the remaining 3 to 5 minutes to thicken it. This isn’t necessary, but it gives the chilled mushroom dish a good consistency to serve with cold meats.


Add 2 celery ribs, cut into ¼ inch slices, to the mushrooms before adding the liquids, cook 1 minute, then continue with the recipe. This makes a sort of mushrooms salad. Sometimes I will replace the celery with ½ large blub fennel, cut into large dice. The anise flavor of fennel goes very well with the mushrooms.

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