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How To Chop An Onion Properly?

This is one of the most basic skills to learn in the kitchen. I always try to leave the root intact while chopping, and it is essential to use a very sharp knife, preferably with a large blade, to do this properly.

  1. Peel off the papery skin, chopping off the top of the onion but leaving the root intact. Cut in half through the onion and the root.

  2. Place the onion on a board, cut side down, and slice crossways towards the root, but not right up to it, making three, four or five cuts, depending on the size of the onion.

  3. Now cut lengthways, again not right through to the root, three, four or five times.

  4. Finally cut crossways again, across the onion, slicing it finely. As you do so, the onion should fall on to the board in neat dice until you reach the root. Chop any flesh left around the root, and then discard it.

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