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How to Cook Onions Vegetables?

  • An ingredient as versatile as an onion may be cooked in a number of ways to fulfill its culinary potential.

  • Sauteing or Frying is usually done in oil or butter and is the classic way to begin a large number of recipes. Some call for the onions to be quickly softened to a state or translucency, but you will find that the longer this takes the better (15 to 20 minutes is ideal) because this releases the natural sweetness of the onions.

  • Pureeing is really a preparation rather than a cooking method. Onions are blended to a thick paste to be fried, usually after spices, as the basis of many Indian, nu, and Pacific Rim dishes. The pureed onions form not only the main ingredient but also the thickener for the sauce.

  • Baking may be done in or out of the skins, although the skins will help to hold the onions together during cooking. Most onions to be baked should be par-boiled first.

  • Roasting is a fashionable way of cooking onions (and many root vegetables) at high temperatures in a little olive oil for flavor. Roasting produces a deliciously caramelized outer crust that is sweet to the taste.

  • Boiling is a good way of softening onions which are going to be finished in another way, e.g. in a sauce or topped with breadcrumbs and grilled. Leave small onions whole, or chop large ones into big chunks.
    Braising in a little stock or gravy produces an almost pot-roast effect.

  • Deep-frying is usually reserved for onion rings, either floured or battered. These are a classic accompaniment to steaks.

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