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What To Drink With Onions?

  • An ingredient of such eclectic usage is difficult to match too specifically to a particular style of wine or beer and it is best to accompany your chosen onion dish with your favorite tipple.

  • Most onion dishes are fairly robust, however, and demand a drink which will not be lost or overwhelmed. My preference in wines is for reds, and most grape varieties will match onion cuisine well.

  • The traditional casseroles and stews of regional France are all served with the local wines, and purists would argue that a Beef Bourguignon should never be drunk with anything other than a Burgundy, although such rigidity is becoming a thing of the past. Choose a full-bodied red such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or a country red for stews and casseroles, whereas a lighter Gamay, Chinon or Zinfandel will sit well with onion-based vegetarian dishes. That said, a robust and full-bodied red with a touch of challenging roughness, such as a Burgundy, is necessary to stand up to the bold richness of a Pissaladiere. White wines should be full-flavored and the ever-popular Chardonnay, especially if oaked, will complement most onion dishes extremely well, although I would suggest a lighter, crisper Sauvignon blanc with many spicier, lighter dishes and onion-topped salads.

  • Many rich Belgian and Flemish beers go well with onion-based dishes, whereas English dark beers are great with rich casseroles and pies. Together, beer and onions produce wonderful flavors in slow-cooked dishes and are also natural partners to cheese and onion-flavored breads, or pies to be served with salads and pickles. Beer, onions and bread are a classic combination as is seen in the popularity of English pub food, especially Ploughman's Lunches.

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