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How to Choose Eggplant Varieties

Selection of Eggplant Varieties:

Whatever eggplant varieties you choose, be sure to look for vegetables that are plump, smooth, shiny, and clear colored. Discard any that have lost their sheen, have dents, soft places, brown spots, or shrived ends. The stem and cap are good indicators. If they are fresh and green, rather than dry and brown, the vegetable should be in good shape. While the texture of eggplant tends to be very slightly spongy, look for those that are heavy and very firm to the touch.

When choosing globe eggplant, pick out small to medium-size vegetables. Not only are the larger specimens frequently full of seeds, they are often somewhat bitter. Modern varieties are rarely bitter if they are not over mature.

The prime reason for fresh eggplant is late July to October, but the glove variety is usually available year round.

You will need about 2 pounds for six people.

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