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How to Choose All Types of Squash Vegetable

Selection of all types of squash:

Thin-skinned types of squash such as pattypan, buttercup squash, should be small, firm, crisp and brightly colored. There should be no brown spots, dents, soft spots or signs of mold.

Hard-skinned types of squash such as acorn squash, hubbard, spaghetti squash, sweet dumpling, turban squash, can be more difficult to select. Look for squash that feel heavy in the hands, with skins that cannot be pierced with a fingernail. They should be dry looking, with no soft spots, blemishes, or signs of mold. The one exception to the rule might be the butternut squash, which sometimes has cracks in the shell. Check the stem, which should still be attached with no indications of mildew or mold. Do not buy a squash that has no stem attached; it can be dried out and fibrous.

Thin-skinned types of squash is almost totally edible, so 1/4 to 1/3 pound per person is adequate. Thick-skinned types of squash has a lot of waste. The seeds, fibers and skin are generally discarded; therefore, it is best to count on at least 1/ 2 pound per person, unless the squash is being combined with other vegetables or meat.

Most squash is now available all year around for you to prepare simple vegetable recipes.

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