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How to store vegetables Pumpkin

How to store vegetables pumpkins? Pumpkins keep very well in cool, dry places. If you have a basement or storage area that remains around 50 F, they will last whole up to 3 months. Never refrigerate pumpkins or leave them in a damp or humid place. The moisture and cold will hasten spoiling. Sugar pumpkins will last about two weeks if you store vegetables pumpkins in the kitchen at room temperature. They make pretty table decorations that can be enjoyed with the eyes once, then cooked and eaten and enjoyed again.

Pumpkin needs to be peeled and seeded before eating. The best way and simple way to do this is to cut out the stem, and then cut the pumpkin into wedges. Remove the giant pumpkin seeds and any stringy fibers, and then peel the wedges with a sharp knife. Or if you are ultimately going to puree the pumpkin, bake the wedges for about 30 minutes at 350 F. Cool slightly and the peel will come off easily with a little encouragement from a knife. Pumpkin can also be boiled, steamed and microwaved in the peel. If you will be stewing, frying, or using the pumpkin in slices, it is better to remove the peel while it is still raw. Once peeled, the pumpkin is ready to cut into pieces of the desired shape and size and ready to be cooked for simple vegetable recipes.

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