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Storage and Preparation:


Store corn in the husk in the refrigerator until ready to prepare it. And corn should definitely be prepared the day you buy it. If plan change and you must wait 24 hours, place the unhusked corn in a perforated vegetable bad and store in the vegetable section of the refrigerator. Use as quickly as possible. If all else fails and you cannot serve the corn right away, hush the ears, boil them in water to cover for 5 minutes, cool and cut the corn from the cob. It can then be refrigerated from another day or two or put into freezer bags or containers and frozen.

Much has been made about removing corn silk before cooking. If the ears are to be boiled, obviously the husks must be removed and the silk stripped off. A damp paper towel often makes it easier to remove the silk and keeps it from flying all around.

If the recipe calls for corn cut from the cob, you can use leftover corn that has been cooked on the cob or fresh uncooked corn. In either case, husk the corn, remove the silk and rinse. Stand the ear on end, holding it at the top. Use a very sharp knife and cut down from top to bottom to remove the kernels, as close to the cob as possible. I find it convenient to stand the ears in a wide bowl so that the kernels do not scatter everywhere.

If you are making creamed corn and the recipe calls for slitting the kernels, slice down the middle of each row of kernels on the cob with the point of a sharp knife before pressing the back of a knife down the cob to push out as much of the inside of the kernels as possible. This method releases the milky liquid inside the kernels which will thicken the final dish slightly.

If you want to boil corn, add salt to the water in which corn is cooked will toughen the kernels. Some cooks suggest stirring a pinch (up to 1 teaspoon) of sugar into the water before adding the ears of corn. I am not convinced the sugar adds anything - if the corn is very fresh it will be very sweet; if it isn't, it won't be as sweet, even with sugar added.

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