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How to Choose Fresh Chayote



This pale green, convoluted pear shaped vegetable is becoming more and more popular. Look for those that are about the size of a large Bartlett pear, are hard, have an even pale green color all over, and show no signs of yellowing. There is a western variety, however, that is dark green when ripe. Just be sure there are no soft spots if this is the type you find in your market. Avoid any that have brown spots or are soft to touch. The chayote should be as crisp and crunchy as a cucumber. The skin can be nearly smooth and only slightly convoluted, but some varieties are deeply grooved; the skin can be hairy or even spiny.

Chayote is a winter vegetable. Process and quality will be best between October and early spring.

You will need to count on one chayote for every two diners, unless the vegetables are very large, when one for three should do. Of the recipe calls for stuffing the halves, count on one-half per person.

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