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How to Store Vegetables Chayote

Storage and Preparation:

Chayote is a hardy vegetable if it is handled properly. Store the pears, unwashed, in the refrigerator in a perforated plastic vegetable bag for up to two weeks.

Wash them just before preparing. Chayote has very tough skins and need to be peeled, even if they are going to be incorporated into stews or casseroles. Peeling them raw can be a little unpleasant as they exude a slimy liquid that can sting the skin of your fingers. If the recipes calls for peeling them raw, do it with a vegetable peeler under running water or in a basin of cool water to cover. The easiest way to peel chayote, however, is to parboil them in water to cover for 3 to 5 minutes cool slightly and the skin should just slip right off.

There is one large, soft edible seed in the center of the vegetable, which is often discarded. In some areas, the seed is eaten if the chayote is not too large, and the seed is still render.


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