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How to Choose Low Carb Types of Green - Cucumber

Selection on types of greens - Cucumber:


There are several types of cucumbers generally available in the market. The medium-size very dark green cucumbers that are commonly sold are usually waxed to help retain moisture and increase shelf life. They must be peeled before eating, and if left on the vine too long before picking, they tend to be all seed and very little flesh. The long lighter green English, or European, cucumber (often old in a plastic shrink wrap) are generally not waxed, can be eaten skin and all, and have many fewer and smaller seeds than the common varieties. These are often called “burpless” cucumbers and frequently give sensitive people less gastric problems. Kirby cucumbers, sometimes called pickling cucumbers, vary in color from medium green to almost lemon yellow. These can be substituted for garden cucumbers in salads and other cold dishes, but they sometimes have slightly bitter taste and large seeds. Because they are not waxed, Kirby cucumbers can be eaten unpeeled, but the skin is tougher than that of garden cucumbers. All types of cucumber are famous in  cooking dishes which are low carb, fat, calories and sodium.

No matter which variety you choose, look for plump, heavy cucumbers with no soft spots, bruises, or shriveled ends. The color should be good and clear, the darker green the better, and except for Kirby cucumbers, there should be no yellow showing.

June to September is the high season for locally grown cucumbers, but they ship well, once they are waxed, and are available all year long.

The amount of cucumber per serving varies considerably depending on the low carb cooking recipes.

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