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Cooking Low Carb with types of Greens - Cucumber

Cucumbers are an ancient pleasure. They have been cultivated for well over three thousand years. This member of the ground family probable was first grown in, or around, India and was brought west by the very early traders. We know that the ancient Egyptians enjoyed them as did the Romans, who even seem to have grown them in protected areas so they would be available all year long. Cucumbers were so popular as one of the types of greens in Europe that the early explorers brought them to the New World on their first voyages. The native population took to them at once and cultivation spread quickly.

Cucumbers are easy to grow, are nearly 96 percent water, and should be crisp and refreshing to eat. They are much more versatile than many cooks give them credit for and are as delicious cooked as they are incorporated into salads, cold dishes, and pickles.

Cucumbers are a dieter’s dream. They are low in everything – fat, calories, and sodium. But they are only a moderate source of fiber.  It is the main green vegetable in cooking low carb dishes.

They can, however, cause intestinal distress in some people. I have found, though, that if the seeds are removed, cucumbers are not nearly as gas producing as when the seeds are left in. For those who continue to have problems, but thoroughly enjoy eating cucumbers, try Beano.

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