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How to Store and Prepare Low Carb Types of Green - Cucumber

Storage and preparation on Cucumber:


Like any other types of greens, cucumbers should not be washed until just before they will be used. They can be stored, wrapped tightly in a plastic bag or plastic wrap, in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator, up to several days. Once the cucumber has been cut, the remainder should be tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and used as soon as possible. Cut cucumber quickly become soft and slimy. Cucumbers should never be frozen; they turn to mush when defrosted.

All cucumbers should be thoroughly washed before using, English cucumbers and the smaller Kirby variety do not need to be peeled but can be scored with the tines of a fork or peeled in alternating strips for an attractive appearance. Waxed cucumbers should be peeled.

Older varieties of cucumbers were often a little bitter and many fast healthy recipes call for salting the cut pieces and allowing them to drain. Bitterness is not generally a problem now, but the great amount of moisture in cucumbers sometimes makes them weep after they have been cut. Salting can keep creamy dressings from becoming too thin and diluted. Be sure, however, to rinse the cucumbers thoroughly after they have drained for 30 minutes or so, so that the final preparation is not overly salty and unpleasant. The green cucumber is now ready to be cooked for low carb and healthy recipes.

Seeding cucumbers is a quick, easy job. Peel (or not, depending on the use and variety you are using) the cucumber and halve it lengthwise with a sharp knife. Run the tip of a sharp teaspoon down the center of the cucumber half. The seeds should come right out; leaving a hollow shell that can be cut into lengths, sticks, matchsticks strips, or slices of any thickness.


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