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How to Choose and Buy Types of Greens Fresh Spinach



No matter where you buy it, types of green fresh spinach will contain a certain amount of dirt and grit. Prepackaged types of greens spinach usually has the least. Pick out the deepest colored, freshest looking, crispest leaves. Medium size leaves tend to be younger and tenderer than the giant ones and the stems are smaller, giving less waste per pound. Avoid any leaves that are thick and tough looking, are broken or torn, have yellow or brown spots, or are limp and wilted. The leaves should be dry and firm. Do not buy any spinach that has a musty odor, or smells like wet leaves.

I like to pick out my spinach leaf by leaf form a bulk display, but if your market carries only prepackaged spinach you will have to choose carefully. Some pre-packed types of greens spinach is of very high quality, especially if it has been well handled all down the line. Sometimes the bagged spinach will be poor quality, wilted, even spoiled. It is important to inspect the packages closely. The leaves should be very green and appear dry. None should be wet or slimy, and none should be yellowed or limp looking. Squeeze the package very gently; it should almost feel like it is pushing back slightly. Reject any bags that feel soft and squishy.

Types of greens fresh spinach is generally available all year long, especially that prepackaged variety, because it will be shipped in form other growing areas. Local spinach will be at its best in the spring.

Because of the waste in preparing types of greens fresh spinach, you will need to count on at least 1/2 pound of raw spinach per person for cooked dishes, about half that for salads.

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