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Wilted Spinach

Old fashioned cooks boiled spinach in a large quantity of salted water. This did set the color, but it also removed many of the vitamins. Steaming spinach in the water that clings to the leaves after washing is simple and provides the most nutritious finished vegetable.

Pile the washed spinach (whole leaves, shredded, or chopped) in a large kettle. Packing the leaves won’t hurt anything. Cover the kettle and cook over high heat for several minutes – the cooking time will depend on the amount of spinach, but 3 minutes for 2 or 3 pounds is about right. Remove the cover after 1 minute and use a long handled fork to toss the spinach, moving the less wilted leaves into contact with the bottom of the kettle. Once the spinach is wilted and still very green, drain off any remaining water, pressing slightly to remove excess liquid. Add a little butter, season with salt and pepper, and serve at once. Do not overcook or the spinach will lose its bright green color and fresh flavor.

For a lightly fancier dish, top the cooked spinach with chopped hard cooked egg. This will give you a dish called spinach mimosa. Or arrange sliced hard cooked eggs on top.

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