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Baked Potatoes For A Party


The theory behind these baked potatoes is that all the work is done for your guests, they don't have to do anything to the potato themselves except eat it. The potatoes can be baked well in advance of the party (the day before if you have the space to keep them), the stuffing prepared and stuffed so all that is required is to pop them into a hot oven in batches.

  • Allow 1 potato half per person if there is other food.

  • Bake the potatoes in the usual way and when they are ready (don't forget that if you have an oven full of potatoes, they will take 1/2-1 hour longer to cook) cut all the potatoes in half.

  • Scoop out the flesh and mash with plenty of butter (allow at least 2 oz./50- g per potato) and enough warmed milk to make a firm puree.

  • Season to taste and fill the potato halves.

  • Top with a grating of cheese.

  • Return to the oven for 30 minutes.

  • Any of the preceding stuffing recipes can be easily adapted for larger quantities.

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