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Blue Potatoes With Tomato And Dill Sauce



Serves 6

This recipe using the somewhat obscure Salad Blue potato variety. Pink Fir Apples or other waxy varieties may be substituted.

  • 6 floury-variety potatoes, 5 oz (150 g) each

  • 2 fl oz (50 ml) Jersey cream

  • 1 egg and 1 extra egg yolk

  • 2 medium-sized Salad Blue potatoes, 3-4 oz (75-110 g) each

  • 1 oz (25 g) butter

  • salt, pepper

For the sauce:

  • 2 lb (900 g) sweet red tomatoes

  • 1 oz (25 g) butter

  • 3 tbs tomato puree

  • 3 fl oz (75 ml) dry white wine

  • handful of chopped dill

  • salt, pepper

  • fronds of dill to garnish

  1. Bake the floury potatoes until done. Scoop out the flesh, mash, add the warmed cream, egg and extra egg yolk and season.

  2. Scrub the blue potatoes, cube and simmer for 4-5 minutes until cooked. Drain and mix in with the puree. Butter ramekins and divide the mixture between them. Bake in a bain-marie at 375F/190C/gas mark 5 for 20 minutes and leave to rest for 5 minutes before unmoulding.

  3. Meanwhile, make the sauce by roughly chopping the tomatoes and bringing them to the boil with the butter, salt and pepper. Add the tomato puree, wine and chopped dill and simmer uncovered for 15 minutes. Sieve, check seasoning and pour a little round each of the timbales, garnish with fronds of dill.

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