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Steamed Potatoes And Truffles



Serves 4

  • 9 oz (250 g) waxy-variety potatoes

  • 6 oz (175g) raw truffles

  • unsalted butter

  • salt, coarse and fine, pepper

  1. Brush the truffles clean under running water.

  2. Cut the potatoes into the same number of pieces as there are truffles and carve them into the same shape.

  3. Lightly season the truffles and potatoes and place them in the steamer.

  4. Cover the pan, bring to the boil, turn down the heat to simmer and leave to cook for 25 minutes.

  5. When done slice the truffles and potatoes equally between the 4 plates.

  6. Scatter a few grains of coarse salt over the top and put the butter in the middle of the table so guests can help themselves.

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