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How to Choose and Buy Turnips Greens


Smaller is better when it comes to turnips greens. If you can find them in bunches with the leaves attached, they will be the freshest available. Choose small turnips, about 2 inches in diameter, with crisp, dark green leaves. Do not buy them if the leaves are yellowed, wet or the least slimy. If the tops have been clipped, there should still be 2 or 3 inches of stem attached. Look for creamy white roots with purple or green shoulders. They should be plump and not the least shriveled, cut, or bruised. Avoid any that are soft or spongy when squeezed, have brown spots, or show signs of mold or decay around the stem.

Turnips greens are available all year round, but I do not like storage roots. I think they are wonderful in the early spring and again in the fall when they are just pulled, juicy, and sweet. Turnips stored over a long period of time lose their crisp freshness and, in my estimation, become unpleasantly strong flavored - or lose their taste altogether.

About 1/4 pound of turnips greens per person should be enough.

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