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The smaller the better when it comes to kohlrabi. The skin and the layer under it are very fibrous and can be strong tasting when the bulbs are large. Look for palest green (or if you find them, bright purple) bulbs that are plump, crisp, and about the size of a golf ball or slightly larger. Avoid any that have attained baseball size; they will usually be too fibrous. The bulbs should be uniform in color with no brown or softy spots. Don't buy any that are split or cracked. If the stem ends are wilted and yellow, leave them in the display.

If you are lucky enough to find kohlrabi with the leaves on, they should be bright green, not at all limp or yellowed.

Count at least one bulb per serving, more if they are small.

Kohlrabi is available from June to October (and occasionally all year long), but the smallest and best should be sampled in early summer.

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