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How to Store and Prepare Kohlrabi Vegetables

Storage and Preparation:


If you find the green leaves still attached to the bulbs, they should be trimmed and prepared the day you buy them. The bulbs can be stored in a perforated plastic vegetable bag in a refrigerator drawer for up to a week. Old-time European gardeners left them in the ground until after the first frost or stored them buried in sand for several months. Our modern houses and apartments don't provide space to keep them that way, so they are relegated to the refrigerator.

The outer layer of kohlrabi vegetables is very fibrous, and whether eaten raw or cooked, kohlrabi has to be peeled. Once cooked or parboiled, the skin comes off easily and any additional fibers can be pulled off. If you are preparing kohlrabi to eat raw, it will peel much like broccoli stems. Cut a small slice off the top and bottom of the bulb and with a sharp knife, strip off the outer skin and fibers in a thick layer.

Once peeled, kohlrabi can be cut into any shape or size, or it can be left whole. It can be quartered, diced, sliced, cut into matchstick strips, or cut into large chunks. If you will be adding it to a cold display, it can be sliced and cut into decorative shapes. Any leftover bits and pieces can be used in soups or salads.

Kohlrabi leaves should be well washed and stemmed. They can be left whole or cut into shreds before cooking. Prepare them any way you might prepare beet greens or spinach.


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