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Florence fennel has a swollen leaf base, somewhat like celery. In fact almost anything that can be done with celery can be done with fennel. The crisp, overlapping ribbed stems are delicious raw in salads and on crudites platters, but they can also be grilled, steamed, braised, or pureed and added to sauces and soups.

Fennel is popular in France and is increasingly available in American supermarkets but it is truly savored in Italy. Italians love fennel prepared in many ways, including in a very simple dish called Pinzimonio - crisp strips of raw fennel dipped in the finest available extra-virgin olive oil that has been well seasoned with salt and pepper. While it is simplicity itself, I have found that this method of serving fennel is more than just simply delicious vegetable recipes.

This is certainly a very versatile vegetable that deserves a larger place in American cooking, especially with the modern emphasis on lightness.

Fennel supplements are low in fat and calories, is relatively high in vitamins A and C, and potassium, and is a moderate source of fiber and calcium.

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