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How to Store and Prepare Fennel

Storage and Preparation of Fennel:


If you have found fennel bulbs with the stems attached, it is best to cut them off about 2 inches above the bulb itself. If left attached these stems, like carrot leaves, will continue to draw moisture out of the bulb and will tend to make the interior soft and spongy.

Store funnel, unwashed, in a perforated vegetable bag in the vegetable section of the refrigerator. Very fresh bulbs will remain crisp for up to five days or so. Fennel on the edge of freshness should be used as quickly as possible.

To prepare the bulbs for salads or other raw dishes, simply wash the outside well, dry and cut off the remaining stems. Trim the root end and remove any scarred or blemished ribs. The bulb can be sliced, halved lengthwise, cut into wedges, cut into sticks or matchstick strips, chopped, or diced. If the prepared fennel will be cooked, it can handled in the same manner or left whole.

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