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How to Choose and Buy Fiddlehead Ferns Vegetable

Selection of Fiddlehead Ferns:


Try to find the freshest fiddleheads possible. Look for the brightest green, most succulent (as opposed to old or dried out) ferns available. Fiddleheads less than 3 inches long will be the tenderest. They are often covered with a scaly, papery husk that usually rubs right off. Sometimes this husk will be missing, having fallen off during sorting and packaging. Avoid any fiddleheads that are yellowed, brown, or dry looking. And definitely do not buy any that are not tightly coiled. Once the ferns begin to unroll they become tough, hairy and unappetizing, the truth of the matter, in my estimation, is that fiddleheads are so expensive that they should be avoided all together if they are not in excellent condition.

The very best fiddleheads are often found at small markets in the Maine countryside, generally sold by the pound in small paper bags. If you find them in a metropolitan specialty greengrocer or market, pick them out individually, selecting only those in prime condition.

Count on 1/4 pound per person when you want to buy fiddlehead ferns.

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