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How to Choose Jicama Vegetable


I have seen jicama in the market all year long, but it is at its peak from October to June. That makes it a welcome addition to your winter vegetable selection. Look for plump, heavy tubers. Ranging in weight from 2 to 8 pounds, the larger ones can become a little fibrous but are generally crisp and sweet regardless of the size. Choose for vegetables that have a flattened end, with a uniform peel. Occasionally the skin color is blotchy, which should not affect the flesh underneath. The texture of the skin can be nearly smooth or rough to the touch. Avoid any jicama that look bruised or moldy, are marred by spade cuts or have soft spots.

Count on about 1/4 pound per person. Once the vegetable is cut, it should be eaten within one or two days and I suggest selecting a size you can use up before it spoils.

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