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How to Store and Prepare Jicama Vegetable

Storage and Preparation:

Jicama will keep, unwrapped, in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator for three weeks or more. Do not wash or peel it until ready to use. Once the tuber has been cut, it should be tightly wrapped in plastic wrap, stored in the refrigerator, and used within a day or two, although I have occasionally kept it up to a week.

Jicama needs little preparation other than peeling and cutting into the desired shape. The peel is thin, and can be removed with a vegetable peeler. Large tubers may have a slightly tough inner layer, which can be pared away if you like. If you are serving jicama in slices for hors d'oeuvres or in salads, add interest by shaping the slices with fancy canape cutters or cookie cutters. Dry the slices on a kitchen towel before continuing with the recipe.


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