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How To Select Cauliflower

Choose the heaviest most compact heads available with very tightly spaced, snow white flowerets. The curd should not show any signs of brown or yellow. Avoid any curds that are cream colored or have the grainy texture of rice. The surrounding leaves should be bright light green, not wilted. Examine the stem end of the head for any signs of mold or decay.

If you are buying cauliflower that has already been trimmed and separated into flowerets, look for those that are the whitest possible and do not have any moisture on the inside of the bag. Cauliflower is so easy to prepare, though, that I would buy a whole head unless you want only a small amount.

A medium size head of cauliflower - 21/2 to 3 pounds - will serve six to eight people when it is cooked. One head, separated from flowerets and served raw, will feed eight to ten, or more.

More about Cooking with Cauliflower

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